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First Graders Enjoy Skype Visit

The first graders at my school were honored to have a Skype visit with Mr. Asch. Our class had completed an author study of Mr. Asch’s books. The students were very interested in how Mr. Asch wrote his books and how they could become a writer like him. During the Skype visit, the students asked Mr. Asch questions like, “How did you decide to make your main character a bear?”, “Do you have tips for writing my own book?”, “How did you learn to be such a great artist?” and “Why are you so interested in nature and space?” Mr. Asch spent extensive time answering each question and really gave students a lot of insight into what it means to be an author. After he answered their questions, students showed Mr. Asch characters they had each created. He used all of the characters they had made into a brand new story. The class even got to meet Moonbear!

This experience gave our students the opportunity to meet an author, to ask meaningful questions, and to appreciate the art of storytelling. The Skype visit inspired many of my students to become better writers and to write their own books. Mr. Asch helped our students see the true magic in writing and many have been writing non-stop since the Skype visit. I would recommend this experience to any classroom. Thank you Mr. Asch for this incredible opportunity!        Sarah Allen,   First Grade Teacher



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