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Moon For Sale


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Moonbear sells the moon to his neighbor, Mr. Hog. But when the moon follows Moonbear home he realizes how much he misses the moon and wants it back.


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Class Pets: Book 4

Class Pets: Book 4



Jake is content to live in the walls of P.S. 42 and dine off the scraps the students leave behind from their lunches for the rest of his life. But one night Molly comes to her brother with a scheme that she’s convinced will finally realize her unlikely dream of becoming a class pet. The result is a death defying adventure involving sweet first grader, Ava, a stuffed Panda Bear, and a night spent shivering in a refrigerator…It is also the exciting, heart warming, conclusion to The Class Pet series (The Ghost of PS 42, Battle in a Bottle, and Survival School,) published by Simon and Schuster (available in paperback).

Journey to Terezor


Matt Hilton is kidnapped and taken to a galactic “reserve” for endangered species. There he encounters Ryan Morrison, a young but determined scientist, and Sara Hollings, who more than anything yearns to see Earth. Together they begin a perilous quest for freedom. Matt is forced to masquerade as an alien from the unique realm of Galator, while Ryan and Sara undergo the rigors of “displacement”, a process that shrinks them into tiny black holes. As they journey, their goal becomes one of mere survival until they realize the ultimate challenge that awaits them in the planetary system of Terezor.


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Pearl’s Pirates


Pearl and Wilbur are lucky mice to have a kind owner like Jay. They are a happy threesome until a bicycle accident sends Jay to the hospital. For a while it looks as if things are going to take a turn for the better; but then disaster strikes again. Trapped in a crate, Pearl and Wilbur are loaded aboard an ocean liner bound for France. If only they could launch the captain’s model pirate ship. Wilbur has a plan, but do they have the courage to go through with it?
As this lively and humorous story unfolds, we meet our favorite friends from Pearl’s Promise and many new characters, such as Old Bill, the lovesick sailor, and Wamba, the young mouse from Frog Island.
Once again Frank Asch has written and illustrated a heartwarming tale of love and adventure.

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Pearl’s Promise


Pearl will never forget the day her mother and father were sold.
Ever since, Pearl, a white mouse living in Mr. Adams’ Pet Store, has taken charge of her younger brother, Tony.
All’s well until Prang, an evil-tempered snake, arrives in the pet store – and Mr. Adams targets Tony for Prang’s next meal.
To make matters worse, Pearl herself is sold the next day, but she vows to return to save Tony.
How is she ever going to get back?  And if she does, can she match wits with the vicious Prang?
Humorous illustrations add to the fun in this charming and irresistible story of faith and courage.

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